components manufacturer

We have an extensive catalog of product manufacturing services, assemblies to meet the requirements of any current electronic device. From assembly and production of the electronic circuit, customization of the cabinet, the final image with graphic overlays and keypads, including harnesses and external connection wires.

If you are interested in any electronic circuit design or a final product, we invite you to visit our electronic design services.

Electronic assembly

SMT and TH soldering electronic components, prototypes, and cabinets. Certificate-based on IPC A-610 standard..

Printed Circuits

Manufacture of printed circuits such as double-layer, multilayer, flexible, metal base, special designs, from one piece. The production is based on RoHS and UL Compliant Certification.

Membrane keypad
and Coverlays

We design and manufacture membrane keypads and coverlays, metal domes, polyester, polycarbonate as well as prototypes.


We are capable of design and manufacturing of electronic wire, different sizes, colors, and connectors.
Certificate-based on the IPC A-620 standard.


We design and manufacture high-frequency transformers for power supplies, voltage boosters, and inverters. The products are based on the IEEE standard.

Cabinets and

Design and adaptation of cabinets, boxes, and containers for electronic use. Screen printing, fitting, CNC cutting. The products are based on IPC A-630 standard.