Assembly PCBA

SMT and TH soldering electronic components, prototypes, and cabinets.

IoT (Internet of things)

Hardware develops for IoT, Bluetooth interfaces, Wi-Fi, Cellular 3G/4G, LoRa, GPS, Iridium..

Membrane keypad
and Coverlays

We are capable of design and manufacturing of membrane keyboards and keypads, metal domes, polyester, polycarbonate and manufacture of prototypes.

Arduino Platform

Developing prototypes based on Arduino and Shields for mass manufacturing.


All the requirements for the production of electronic devices are well known by MexTronics, for more than ten years, we have been at the forefront of Electronics Industry, together with the latest technologies in the assembly of highly complex electronic circuits and with highly qualified personnel.
MexTronics designs manufacture and assemble its products accordingly with ISO 9000: 2015 certification, following the IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries standards. Additionally, we offer products with UL certification.

Design Services

Hardware and firmware design for electronic devices, control circuits, power supplies and the Internet of Things, based on International Standards.


Manufacturers of electronic devices, components assembly SMT and TH, printed circuits, harnesses and membrane keypads.

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