Electronic design

Mextronics e-Design:

With more than ten years of expertise designing different parts of electronic devices, we have managed to cover every aspect required in the implementation of complete electronic systems with wireless communication interfaces, integrated power supplies, 32-bit high-speed control, and many other options.

We'll help you to bring your idea from concept to reality!
All of our design services are certified by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, they also have IPC standards in CID and CID + and experience in the development of intrinsic safety, transportation, military, and automotive products. Our design services are ISO 9001:2015 certified and they also meet the IPC standards on CID and CID+ and with expertise in the development of intrinsic safety, transportation, military, and automotive products. If you require prototyping or mass production services, we encourage you to visit our manufacturing services

(Internet of things)

Hardware develops for IoT, Bluetooth interfaces, Wi-Fi, Cellular 3G/4G, LoRa, GPS, Iridium.
Certificate-based on FCC standard.

Analogue and
Digital Systems

We have the capability for Implementation of general-purpose electronic, circuits for control, measurement, communications, digital and analog processing.


Developing prototypes based on Arduino and Shields for mass manufacturing.

Power and

Design of power supplies, transformers, drivers for LED lighting, motor control and testers for production lines.

GUI, Graphic
User Interface

Implementation of graphic interfaces on touch screens for control and configuration of electronic devices.


Design of multilayer, rigid-flexible printed circuits, and lighting (from a schematic diagram or physical sample). Based on the IPC standard.


We are capable of implementing cabinets, boxes, fittings, and other mechanical elements to complement the integration of the final electronic product. Based on the ANSI and IP standard.


Obtaining engineering information from a sample to make improvements, later repairs and identify obsolescence.

Final product

We develope the entire electronic devices, from concept design to mass manufacturing.
We combine all of our knowledge and processes to offer our clients great facilities in a single provider.